Four Natural Remedies For Hormonal Imbalance You Can Start Today

Our body depends on hormonal changes and their subsequent effects. However, we may get annoyed at claims that our problems are just hormonal, we cannot ignore their impact.

For women, the monthly cycle of ovulation and menstruation brings a cocktail of hormones. Add in a bad sleep, medication and exposure to chemicals and the situation escalates. These imbalances can have some different effects on the body.

One of the most common is a change in mood, either through irritability or low sex drive, or a series of mood swing. Then there are physical issues such as poor condition to the hair and skin or flare-ups of acne and spots.

There is also the risk of PMS for women, potential migraines, and weight gain. Luckily, some simple natural remedies can even things out a little.

The Best 4 Natural Remedies For Hormonal Imbalance.

1) Exercise

One of the best places to start is with regular exercise. This can seem like a hard task for those that are dealing with menstruation, fatigue and low self-esteem due to their hormones. The last thing many women want to do at this point is gone and hit the gym.

Light exercise, some aerobics, a walk or a swim can help to calm the body downs. These natural remedies are especially good in the reduction of stress too, as it lowers cortisol levels. It does help to walk things off.

2) Omega 3

Omega 3

The food we eat can play a big part on our hormone levels. It is desirable for many to turn to sugar and junk food with hormone increases, partly due to new cravings. But, this could only make the problem worse. Many suggest opting for a diet with plenty of omega three fatty acids – oily fish, seeds squash and olive oil. The anti-inflammatory properties can reduce cramps.

3) Vitamin D

This is also achievable through supplementation, which is where vitamin D also helps. Vitamin D capsules are ideal to combat the release of parathyroid hormone. Even better is a walk in the sun, which can also aid low estrogen levels. Here women can kill two birds with one stone with Vitamin D and exercise in one go.

4) Herbal Tea

Herbal Tea

Another dietary aid to consider is herbal brews of either basil, fenugreek, and ginseng. Fenugreek is great with honey and lemon and helps to increase estrogen levels. The only problem here is that it is also used for natural breast enlargement, so may not suit everyone.

Holy basil tea can reduce cortisol levels to elevate bad moods and stress. Ginseng can help with the regulation of the adrenal gland. However, it is best taken in cycles so users must be careful here.

It may sound simplistic, but a few herbal teas, some omega oil supplements, a meditative break in the sunshine and a nice walk can help our hormones. It could be enough to take the edge off during hormone imbalances.

This simple daily routine could even out the problem and make monthly changes much more manageable.

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