Natural Remedies And Cures For Allergies

If you’re experiencing a runny nose, watery eyes, and a sore throat, it means allergy season has arrived. There are many over-the-counter medications that could help alleviate the symptoms but natural remedies in cases of allergies may work magic for you!  To live a healthier life and trying to live with fewer chemicals in your body is an option for anyone to try. Several natural cures and natural remedies are discussed below:

5 Allergy Relieving Options

1. Herbal Treatment

One of the best natural remedies is herbal supplements. These can be taken in the form of capsules or tea. You already may have the best allergic remedy in your pantry. Green tea! Yes, green tea can give you relief from your allergies. Other herbs that can help block allergies include butterbur, licorice root, etc. Licorice root also helps with the mucus which means easy breathing and less coughing.

Contact your doctor and ask for medical advice before you start any herbal treatment. There are some butterbur products that can harm your liver and lungs. Butterbur can cause a reaction if you are allergic to marigolds or daisies.

Take medical advice before you use Licorice. Large amounts of Licorice may cause your blood pressure to increase and it may even cause you heart problems. Licorice can result in preterm labor for pregnant women. So they should avoid its use.

2. Change in Diet Plan

You must have noticed that you get a runny nose after you eat something that’s hot and spicy. It happens because spicy food can help clear your nasal passages.

The best diet plan is to eat foods that contain seasonings like cayenne pepper, hot ginger, including onion and garlic. This would help calm your nose and lighten your head.

Take medical advice from your doctor if not eating something particular could also help lessen the allergy symptoms. Write down the names of foods that you feel are triggering your allergies. Share the list of these foods with your doctor.  Your doctor may order for you to have some allergy testing done, to see what your body reacts to so you can avoid those in the future.

3. Acupuncture

Acupuncture is very helpful with allergy symptoms. It helps with sneezing, sore nose, and watery eyes.
A professional acupuncturist would place thin as hair needles into your skin at different parts of your body. If you suffer from chronic allergies, the acupuncturist would ask you to come twice a week. Listen to him.

love dust and pollen

4. Allergy-Proofing

Prevention is better than cure. Make sure you remove everything from your house that you’re allergic to.
– Vacuum your furniture and carpets to remove allergens.
– Buy a dust-proof mattress and pillow covers for you if you have a dust allergy.
– Remove your shoes before you go inside.
– Keep the doors and windows shut when it’s allergy season.
– Take a shower before you go to sleep especially if you’ve been outside.

5. Nasal Rinse

Blow your nose into the washbasin after short intervals. You can also use a neti pot to clear your nostrils one at a time. This would help flush the dust and pollen out of your nostrils.  Be sure to use distilled water or clean filter water.

You can always get more medical advice from your doctor if the symptoms are not improving and last longer than a week. Also, if symptoms come back make an appointment with your primary care provider.

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