National Breast Cancer Awareness Month is October 2016

October is National Breast Cancer Awareness month. It is essential to educate people about Breast Cancer and remind them to take precautionary steps against this disease by learning about its risk factors and getting tested at least once per year. Many women in the world are not entirely informed about Breast Cancer and what’s worse is that they may not even have access to early detection and preventive care.

Every year in the US, more than 200,000 women undergo diagnosis with Breast Cancer, and more than 40,000 women die because of it. Some people might not know this but men too can get Breast Cancer, but it’s not that common. It is an approximation that less than one percent of this disease occurs in Men.

Breast Cancer

There are many different symptoms of Breast Cancer, but it is also wise to note that some people may not show any symptoms at all.

Some of the most common symptoms include a change in the shape or size of your breast, nipples discharge other than the normal breast milk, pain in any region around the breast, and a new lump in your breast or underarm. If you have or know someone that has these signs, it is advised that you seek medical help immediately.

Senior women are considered to be the most at risk when it comes to Breast Cancer. Studies show that most breast cancers patients are women who are at least 50 years of age or older.

Breast Cancer also occurs in younger women. Approximately 10 percent of all the new cases of Breast Cancer in America was found in women who are 45 years of age and below.

Most of the women who get Breast Cancer have no known risk factors or history of this disease in their families. Exposure to poisonous chemicals and radiation can also increase your chances of getting Breast Cancer.

The exact cause of Breast Cancer or other types of cancers is not yet known. Fortunately, there are many things that you can do to help you lower your risk of getting Breast Cancer. It’s also wise to take care of your health and diet. Also, it is also important to keep track of the changes in your BRCA genes.

It is true that Breast Cancer screening cannot help prevent the disease, but it can help in detecting it at an early stage which is easier to treat. Before undergoing any breast cancer tests it’s advisable that you talk to your doctor about which tests are ideal for you, and when you should get tested.

There are several different treatments for women diagnosed with this disease. Surgery is at the top of the list. Surgery involves the removal of the breast, the muscles underneath the breast as well as all of the Axillary nodes.

In most cases, after surgery, the patient would be advised to undergo radiotherapy and chemotherapy. Patients who have been tested and found to be estrogen positive may be forced to undergo hormone therapy.

One of the best ways to reduce your risk of getting Breast Cancer is to have a mammogram, maintain a healthy diet, exercise regularly and if you are a smoker, quit. Do everything that you can within your power to keep your weight at a normal level.

Do not forget to perform monthly Breast Cancer screening or every time you get the chance. Remember, Breast Cancer is treatable and manageable at an early stage. Go get your mammogram done this month!

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