8 Tips On How To Lose Those Pounds

Healthy weight-loss diets are becoming more popular. What for?

Many people are starting to realize and learn that they work and that the diets are easier to stick with!

When on a diet of healthy weight loss, you really do not feel like you’re on a diet, but rather that you adapt to a new way of eating and make healthier decisions with each meal throughout the year.

When starting out on the path to reducing your weight, it works better when you notate some basic rules on a notepad.  You can refer back to them when you go shopping at the supermarket.

How do you achieve weight loss through a healthy diet?

What are the basic principles of your eating habits you want / need to change?

8 Top Tips For Healthy Eating

Drink plenty of water (about 2 liters per day).

The water is kept to eliminate toxins accumulated in your body, and help eliminate stored fat reserves. Drinking plenty of water will help get rid of the restraint, too, because the body does not “cling” to their water more water – lots of things made all the time!

healthy meal option

Photo: Jennifer Causey

Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables. They contain lots of vitamins and minerals and help you and your body to keep fit and healthy!

Eat several small meals a day – 3 “main” meals and some healthy snacks between them. The snacks could be dry apricots, a handful of nuts, yogurt, baby carrots, or celery. Additional diet tips can be found on this website: Cooking Light

Stop buying white bread: sliced bread, rolls, french bread, croissants, etc.  Eat whole grains, whole wheat,  soy and linseed (very tasty!), pumpkin seeds or similar – it really helps digestion by making it harder for your body to digest. Your body needs more energy to deal with unprocessed food, which speeds up your metabolism and weight loss!

Try not to have carbohydrates for dinner, skip that dinner roll.

Carbohydrates in the evening are very bad. Eat vegetables and meat or fish and salad, or something similar. The less carbs you eat, the less you crave, you will notice the difference!

Eat when you are hungry, not because the clock tells you to.

When you wake up in the morning, do not rush to eat breakfast (unless you are hungry). Rather wait until you feel like you can eat something.

And then make the right choice – oatmeal with honey and milk, or just fruit and yogurt are excellent choices. It depends if you want to use skim milk or whole milk. My morning routine is a cup of coffee with skim milk, a banana with some yogurt.  I look for low sugar yogurts or plain and add fruit to sweeten it.

Personally, I think the low fat products can increase your cravings and they tend to add more sugar (which can turn into fat) to improve the taste of the low fat product.

Eat Slowly

When you eat, do nothing else. Focus on the foods you eat. Chew your food completely and slowly.  Giving your stomach time to stretch and signal you when your full. You notice a lot better when you’re full.

It is also called “be aware”, and this is very important when it comes to controlling your weight. Because the success of weight loss has a lot to do with your state of mind.

weight loss diet

Moderate Exercise

No need to become addicted to the gym,for some people it is enough to start using the stairs more often, park further away from where you want to go, and go for a walk. Start slowly and increase exercise time. Make sure that your heart rate goes up twice a week.  Set goals that you can achieve or you will set yourself up for failure shortly after starting.  Then you won’t feel successful and quit the diet before giving it a good chance.

There you have it – 8 Tips for healthy dieting.

Try it for yourself – and you will see and feel the results over time! None of this will happen instantly.

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