5 Surprising Ways Your Mattress Affects Your Sleep And Health

Sleep is as important as food and water for a person to survive. We spend almost 33 percent of our day sleeping. Hence, it is imperative that we have the best sleep possible, and have a peaceful and rejuvenating break from our hectic schedules.

In figuring out how to sleep better, we need to find the best mattress available by researching mattress reviews and finding the one best suited to our personal needs.  While browsing mattress reviews we need to keep five important points in mind in order to attain the best sleep possible.

1. Emotional Well Being

While studying how to sleep better, researchers have found evidence that having a stress free sleep is imperative to feel truly rested and one of the key role players in a stress free sleep is a mattress. A proper night’s sleep is crucial for a person’s mental alertness especially for those who only hit the sack at night and spend the day working in a stressful environment.

2. Physical Symptoms

According to the National Sleep Foundation, lower back and neck pain is one of the reasons people don’t feel rested enough. Mattress reviews have shown that the older the mattress the more common it is to experience pain in the lower back and neck. Hence, having the best night of sleep is directly proportional to the well being of your musculoskeletal system.

3. Diet And Lifestyle

Moreover, researchers have also concluded that weight loss is very relatable to the number of hours of sleep we can bank on. The hormone, ghrelin, which is produced due to sleep deprivation is the same as the one which generates within us the need to eat. Thus, making it imperative for us to sleep restfully so that our hunger can be kept in check. Being overweight opens the doors for a variety of ailments including diabetes mellitus and joint pains making it crucial for us to get a proper night’s rest for our physical well being and fitness.

4. New Mattress For Allergy-Prone People

If one is asthmatic or prone to allergies then getting the perfect mattress is vital. Researchers have shown that mattresses contain dust mites that act as allergens to trigger our immune system in getting an allergic reaction. Making it one of the most important points on how to sleep better and keeping us away from unwanted sick days.

5. Make The Bedroom Work-Free

It has also been concluded that the bed should only be used as a resting place. When we use our bed as a place to study or complete our work our neuron pathways accept the bed as a place of work, making it impossible for our brain to switch off. The overuse of digital devices in bed increases our brain activity and prevents us from sleeping. Thus keeping us disturbed throughout the night and less productive during the day.

Therefore, it is essential that we find the best mattress possible, by browsing through mattress reviews and keeping in mind facts on how to sleep better for our emotional, mental as well as physical well being. Which in turn will affect our productivity and lifestyle?

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